Mayor of Stuttgart installs tampon dispenser in me toilet
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Gender toilets for those who do not know whether they are a man or a woman have long been considered good manners in woke circles, with authorities and institutions bending over backwards to accommodate every whim. Stuttgart

Stuttgarts conservative CDU Mayor, Frank Nopper, has proven nonetheless that things can always be improved. He had a machine installed in his town hall that dispenses tampons and pads free of charge in the mens toilet.

Even among his own party friends, understanding for his move has been limited.

CDU faction leader Alexander Kotz commented: Completely absurd! As a man, what should I do with tampons? And I cant bring them to my wife either. Needless to say, Kotz is a man.

The devious tampon dispenser goes back to an initiative by the Greens. They had requested that the menstrual items be made available in all public toiletswithout any ifs or buts. The motion passed with the votes of the left council majority.

The bizarre justification from parliamentary group leader Petra Rhle was: Many people with menstrual bleeding do not identify themselves as women. It is a matter of course to provide them with tampons just like menstruators who describe themselves as women.

And City Hall spokeswoman Jana Steinbeck made it clear: the Department for Individual Equal Opportunities is making the free menstrual products available in a pilot project: The products are both in the womens and mens toilets so that they can also be used by non-binary or trans* people.



Photo:A modern, electronic toilet for guests inside a retail store in Tokyo, Japan.

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